Report from India ( zaslal Sasha Ruzicka, Nemecko )

Vazeni pratele,
rad bych Vas upozornil na snazeni Maharishiho Maheshe Yogiho o znovunastoleni Vedicke Civilizace. Jeho technika Transcendentalni Meditace je vedecky nejlepe studovanou metodou k rozvoji plneho dusevniho potencialu.
Vsechno nejlepsi, Sasha Ruzicka

Progress Report On Three 8000 Groups Of Yogic Flying Vedic Pandits In India

His Excellency Dr. Girish Varma-ji, Minister of Higher Education in His Majesty Raja Nader Raam-ji's Cabinet of the Global Country of World Peace, and Rashtriya Prashasak (National Administrator) of India

3000 Maharishi Vedic Vishwa Prashasaks at the Brahmasthan of India
At the Brahmasthan (central point) of India are nearly 3000 Maharishi Vedic Vishwa Prashasaks practicing the Maharishi Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhi programs, including Yogic Flying, and performing Rudrabhishek, the most powerful Yagya for peace on earth. In addition, they are reciting the 40 aspects of Veda and Vedic Literature-the Vedic sounds which are the impulses of Natural Law itself at the basis of human and Cosmic physiology-and invoking the Devatas-Mahalakshmi, Maha Ganapati, Maha Vishnu, and Maha Durga-the supreme administrators of the universe whom Raja Nader Raam-ji has discovered seated in our human brain. The Vedic Pandits also have been trained to perform Graha Shanti-Maharishi Yagya performances to reduce or eliminate the unfavorable influences from the Cosmic bodies due to past actions-both for individuals and for nations to create a better fortune for everyone on earth. The Pandits maximize the power of all these Maharishi Vedic Technologies of Consciousness by performing them from the Para (Transcendental) level-one of Maharishi's most extraordinary and profound gifts to the ages.

Additional Brahmasthan Construction
Although there are 3000 Vedic Pandits at the Brahmasthan now, construction is complete for 2000 more-all that is lacking is to connect the electricity and water. In six months we expect to finish construction of buildings for 3000 more Vedic Pandits to complete construction for the first 8000 group. All construction is according to Vastu Vidya of Maharishi Sthapatya Veda design-Vedic architecture in harmony with Natural Law. This is a critical point to maximize the power of the groups, and their happiness, health and good fortune.

Many Other Groups Throughout India
In Mangeli Jabalpur, Pradesh, there are 1500 Vedic Pandits performing all Yagyas as at the Brahmasthan and 2100 more in Prayag Raj (where the Kumbha Mela is held) also performing all Yagyas. In five other states, there are another ten groups of Vedic Pandits in newly constructed Vastu residences performing some Yagyas and receiving advanced training. These include Madhya Pradesh (400, 250, and 500), Uttar Pradesh, (500), Assam (650, 250 and 200), Andhra Pradesh (300), and Tamil Nadu (121 and 100).

750 Maharishi Vedic Vishwa Prashasaks on Tour to the Holy Spots of India to Perform Rudrabhishek
There are also 750 Maharishi Vedic Vishwa Prashasaks-well-trained Pandits-who are on tour performing Rudrabhishek in all 12 Jyotirlinga Peeths and about 20 major Shaktipeeths-the holiest and most powerful spots in India.

Construction for 9000 Vedic Pandits in the West of India Halted
In Pune Karmakshektra in the West of India, substantial funds are still needed to finish construction there. New Vastu buildings have been started for 9000 Vedic Pandits on beautiful land on a ridge-3000 acres in all-but are only 75% complete. Major new donations are needed to finish the construction to occupy the buildings.

Emphasis on Training 150,000 Maharishi Vedic Vishwa Prashasaks
The main emphasis for now is to train over 150,000 Maharishi Vedic Vishwa Prashasaks. 4000 classes are being run in 10 states. About 25,000 have became Yogic Flyers out of this. Now the idea is to provide satellite dishes and receivers with audio PA systems so that everything could be taught on audio channel. This way the education will have a very good standard, and the same instruction will be received by all students all over the country.





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